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"UKRAINIAN SUMMER VIBE"11 days group tour to Ukraine 5-15 JULY 2021

Dive in the ancient and modern life of Ukrainian cities, get recreational experience in the mountains and feel the southern taste of sun and fun.

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Ukrainian Summer vibe tour route 5-15/07/2021


Mykhaylivsky Cathedral Kyiv - Travel Ukraine Tour operator

Mykhailivsky cathedral, Kyiv city centre, in the line with Sofiivsky Cathedral (12 centure, Unesco heritage) and Kyiv Pecherska Lavra (Monastery of 11 century) form the most visited & sacred churches in Ukraine

Andriivsky Desent Kyiv - Travel Ukraine Tour operator

Andriivskyi descend, street with lots of art & crafts, cozy restaurants, atmospheric theaters and museums. It is also one of the most mystic places in Kyiv

Maidan Nezalezhnosti Kyiv - Travel Ukraine Tour operator

Central square of Kyiv - Maidan Nezapezhnosti

Evgen Klopotenko Borshch

Today we suggest discovering Ukrainian taste and find out about our sacred dish - Borshch

DAY 1 05/07/2021 (MON) - KYIV

Morning arrival to the international airport of Kyiv - Boryspil

Meet & welcome at the airport, transfer to hotel 

Check in to hotel 

Rest & lunch 

Afternoon 2hrs walking city tour with guide 

Dinner. Return to hotel. Overnight

Accommodation: Ibis Kyiv Centre 4* (BB) 

Day highlights: Your first encounter with Ukraine and Kyiv. Even though at the streets we don't smile much, we are very warm and hospitable people. 

Today at your first city tour we will visit the top landmarks of Kyiv. Kyiv was founded in 4th century and has a beautiful legend of creation. City centre is a kind of mix of ancient churches, architectures of 18, 19th centuries, Soviet period and modern times. 

Since Ukrainians fancy to eat, tonight we suggest you to visit a restaurant called "Sto rokiv spered" founded by one of the famous chef Evgen Klopotenko. He offers modern vision and signature approach towards Ukrainian cuisine

 Kyiv Pecherska Lavra is an ancient cave monastery founded in 11 century and as a part of UNESCO heritage. It's a major landmark of Kyiv, powerful Ortodox Christian piligrims attraction.

 Podil is a central quartier of Kyiv known for its artisans workshops, traders and commerce spots. Dnipro river for century known as a major waterline between Baltic countries and Mediterranian Sea. 

Statue of Motherhood as a symbol of Victory, Freedom and Love to our Land.

Keep on exploring Ukrainian cuisine and local Kyiv specialties. Chicken cutlets in Kyiv style is known worldwide dish which you can eat even in fancy London outlets.

Ivana Kupala is ancient pagan holiday for Slavic tribes. It has it's mystic rituals and ways of celebration

DAY 2 06/07/2021 (TUE) - KYIV


3-4hrs Bus excursion with guide, in which you will see the main landmarks of the capital, like Lavra, Podil and others

Check in to hotel

Return to hotel, rest & lunch 

In the evening we will go to the historical park Kyivan Rus to participate in the ancient pagan celebration of Ivana Kupala. 

Return to hotel. Overnight

Highligts of the day: Today we continue exploring Kyiv. Today we will know a bit more about our history, religion and traditions. Enjoy the stories from true wonder in sacred Monastery. By the way do you know that Christianity come to Ukraine from ... Turkey? Istanbul was know as Constantinople in Byzantine Empire and we have close connections with them. There is an interesting legend about baptizing Ukraine - Rus by our prince Volodymyr. 

Before that we were pagans and believe in the Gods of Sun, Thunder and others. Still some pagans traditions remain existing in our culture. Tonight we will experience the magic atmosphere of old pagan holiday called Ivana Kupala. For that we will go 30 km away form Kyiv to historical park that restored the look of Kyivan Rus times, and see the interesting rituals made specially on this day. For instance, boys and girls join hands in pairs and jump over a fire in a purification ritual. Locals believe that when a couple skip the fire without losing grip of each other, their love is destined to last a lifetime.

 "DUGA" (based with 20km zone near Chornobyl) Soviet radiolocation station for early check for early detection of international ballistic missiles  of sending. It was extra secret location. 

 Chornobyl, panoramic view over the 4th reactor, which is covered by security confinement. 

Keep o Let's move on to Lviv. Trains are very famous transportation in Ukraine. Here is Kyiv Central Train Station.

Ukrainian sleeping train cabin for 4 passengers called kupe.

DAY 3 07/07/2021 (WED) - KYIV


Early breakfast

Check out of the hotel

Full day tour to Chornobyl

Night train to Lviv city

Highlights of the day:

Today we will fly on time machine in 20 century, to know the thrilling story about Chornobyl.

In 1986, Ukraine witnessed the world’s worst nuclear power plant disaster. The tragedy occurred at the Chernobyl plant located in the northern part of the country. The area has since been declared an exclusion zone. The disaster and declaration led to the emergence of several ghost towns. Nowadays, the area attracts multitudes of tourists especially after HBO famous serial movie. You will see what Ukrainians faced to overcome one of the biggest man-made catastrophe of 20 centuries. "

By the way, following guide instructions and rules implemented in the exclusion zone, the trip will be safe and won't effect your health.

Today, you will be a bit "feel like a local" experiencing travelling to Lviv in Ukrainian sleeping train.

 Lviv gives the atmosphere of old medieval city.

Plaza in front of Opera house in Lviv. 

Lviv is very atmospheric with its historical buildings and cozy cafes.

Lviv citizens love drinking coffee. Here you can see some unique recipes

DAY 4 08/07/2021 (THU) - LVIV

Arrival to Lviv, transfer to hotel


3hrs walking city tour with guide in the city centre.

Afternoon at leisure.

Dinner & overnight.

Accommodation: Reikartz Medievale Lviv 4*

Day highlights: Lviv was founded in 13 century in honor of Lev, son of the first King of Rus (Ukraine). It remains keeping its unique ancient atmosphere. City centre is made on the standard of all medieval European cities with square place and tower in the middle. For its long history it belong to different countries and Empires and holds many interesting legends and stories. Unlike to other parts of Ukraine, here you will see more Catholic and Greek Catholic churches. Here you can enjoy the different Galytska cuisine. It is also a home to the highest number of cafes per capita in the world. It boasts up to 1,500 establishments. You will have some free time here to feels its vibrant atmosphere. 

 Tustan the location of unique medieval fortress that couldn't be conquered by Tatar Mongol Horde that was destroying all the cities from East to West in 13 century

 Beautiful waterfall Kamyanka at Skole Beskids National Nature Park

Ski lift to the mountain Zakhar Berkut in Carpathian mountains

Pump room for mineral water in Truskavets

DAY 5 09/07/2021 (FRI) - LVIV REGION

Breakfast, check out of hotel

Bus trip to Tustan in Lviv Region

We will see location of unique rock fortress of Medieval times, beautiful waterfall & enjoy Carpathian mountains on the ski lift on the mountain called Zakhar Berkut.

Accommodation: Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa 4*

Truskavets is famous recreational zone with its unique mineral waters.

Dinner overnight

Day highlights: Today we move to the South west of Lviv region to enjoy some nature. Beautiful panoramic views. Stories and legends of old battles and historical events. 

Truskavets is a town where we will stay for 2 days, is known as mineral water resort. For many centuries people have found the recreational effect done by mineral water on the humans bodies. In Truskavets you will find about 25 mineral water sources different in mineralization and its effects. The supreme water is called Naftusya. It's mineral structure is unique in the world. It helps for gallstone disease, to heal liver, gastrointestinal problems, improve immune system, remove toxins and even reduce the possibilities for cancer. 

 Lviv region is know as recreational with mineral waters resorts.

Enjoy some SPA and other treatments 

Morshyn - other resort with mineral waters that started to be used since end of 19 century.

DAY 6 10/07/2021 (SAT) - LVIV REGION

Day at leisure.

There is SPA in the hotel where you can relax and take some massages or other treatments, consult a doctor if needed.

We will have a chance to visit other resort called Morshyn, also known for its mineral water. Each water source has its own mineral structure and help people prevent and heal from different diseases heart, blood pressure, gastrointestinal disease and nervous disorders.

Daily highlights: It will be leisure day to recharge and recover at the resort. If you wish we will go for half day tour to Morshyn to taste other mineral waters that influence human body on energetic level.

 Odesa Opera House is 19 century in neo-barocan style.

Inside interior is impressive.

Artistic interpretation of "Little Prince" ballet performance by Radu Poklitaru (ballet director)

DAY 7 11/07/2021 (SUN) - ODESA


Return by bus back to Lviv

Domestic flight to Odesa

Transfer and check in to hotel

Late lunch

30 minutes excursion for Odesa Opera House (to know some secrets of one of the most beautiful Opera houses in Europe)

Ballet performance “Little Prince” by Kyiv Modern Ballet at Odesa Opera House.

Dinner, overnight

Accommodation: Continental Hotel 4*

Day highlights: Today again we change the location and move to Odesa - southern city and port on the Black Sea. You will see how different the atmosphere  that  change from place to place in our trip. 

Odessa has its own free atmosphere, specific sense of humor and way of communication. City is known for its mix nationalities, deep trading traditions and love to the sea (which influence the local cuisine of course)

City of full of interesting architecture, and today we start exploring one of the most popular building - Opera house and participate very alternative ballet performance.

 Statue of the first Odesa mayor - Duc de Richelieu 

 In mid of 19th century Odesa became very rich port and duty free zone, that time it was booming with architecture, commerce and luxury. 

City garden is a central park on Deribasivka street. 

Summer is abundant season for fresh fruits and berries. 

DAY 8 12/07/2021 (MON) - ODESA


3hrs walking city tour in Odesa with guide

Afternoon at leisure

Evening visit of local bazaar to enjoy the taste of local seasonal fruits and local products.

Dinner, overnight

Day highlights: Today we continue exploring city. It's full of fascinating stories and legends which we know from local guide. In summer Ukraine produce great amount of fresh vegetables and fruits which are know for its delicious taste. We will go to the evening market to have a taste of these fruits and get some secrets of effective market trading.

 Akkerman (Bilgorod - Dnistrovska) fortress

 Wine Cultural Center Shabo

Wine tasting in Shabo

Balkan yastiya - traditional Balkan meaty treats 

Odesa region is known as well know gastronomic route of Taste & Wine.  Cheese production & diary farm near Bolgrad.

Vylkove authentic town on the water in the riverbed of Danube.

Little islands create ideal home for various birds including pelicans. Danube Biosphere Reserve.

DAYS 9-10 13-14/07/2021 (TUE-WED) ODESA

Days at leisure

Optional excursions (gastronomy & cultural tours)

 1) Full day tour to Akkerman fortress + Wine Cultural Centre Shabo founded Swiss people in 19 century + tasting

Akkerman fortress was founded in 13-14 century, on the remains of ancient Greek city called Tyras. It stays on Dnister river and served for protection for different powers - Moldavians princes and Ottoman Empire. 

Nearby, in 19th century on the request of Russian king, Swiss settlement was founded called Shabo. They founded here vineyards, and now the wine production continues it's old tradition. 

2) Long full day tour to Vylkove - Danube riverbed with unique "Venice" - like lifestyle, authentic old rites religious traditions and interesting local cuisine.

3) Odessa region is known for its mix cultural and national diversity. We will visit town Bolgrad and visit Balkan people, get to know their traditions and food. In that region we have cheese producing farm to visit.

 Flying back to Kyiv - domestic flights.

 Farewell talk )

DAY 11 15/07/2021


Domestic flight to Kyiv

Transfer to hotel & rest before flight

Transfer back to airport

International flight back home


  • Accommodation in 4* as per program on BB (breakfast only) standard room category
  • Day use room in the hotel on departure day
  • All transfers
  • All transportation services
  • Local guides services
  • Excursions:

3 walking city tours

1 bus tour in Kyiv (half day)

1 full day tour to Chornobyl

1 full day tour in Lviv region

1 half day tour in Lviv region

1 excursion to local bazar

  • Celebration of Ivana Kupala in Kyiv
  • Ballet performance in Odessa opera house + 30 min excursion
  • Entry tickets to the museums/parks/churches
  • 1 night train ticket to Lviv (“kupe” 4 passangers in the cabin)
  • 2 domestic flights to Odesa & to Kyiv economy class
  • Tour leader


  • International flights
  • Visa
  • Insurance (covering Coronavirus)
  • PCR test (obligatory for entering Ukraine, 72hours before)
  • Lunches, dinners & drinks
  • Personal expenses, tips, souvenirs
  • SPA treatments in Lviv Region
  • Master class in pottery production Tustan – 7USD/person
  • Optional excursions in Odesa Region:

Akkerman fortress+Shabo+wine tasting – 99 USD/per person

Vylkove – 100 USD / per person

Bankan yastiya – 119 USD / per person


We include maximum of services in the rate, so it's very good money-value offer

1 782 USD

1 582 USD

per person for double sharing room

2 097 USD

1 897 USD

per person for single room




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Hello, I'm Nadia Makarenko and my project Travel Ukraine

Travel Ukraine is tour operator based in Kyiv, Ukraine since 2020 that help Ukrainians & Foreigners to explore  and discover Ukraine in natural, architectural, cultural, historical, gastronomic ways. 

We offer individual tailor made trips for individual travelers as well as fixed dates mini groups tours & excursions, as well as MICE (corporate) tourism. 

Unlike other projects, we stick to little groups format up to 20 persons maximum to create special and intimate experience throughout the journey. We deal with the best suppliers, our guides have high ratings and are very experienced in any languages possible, the accommodation that we offer include comfort, good service, fine location, attractive design and concept. We help to discover unknown locations, experience local food, communicate with natives and feel the vibe of this rich in history and culture land. 

While travelling with us, you as our customer will get a tour specially designed to your needs and requirements with careful selected services and within planned budget. During your stay, you will get 24/7 customer care support and quality service. After the stay, we aim to bind you with our strong brand which you can trust your future trips and recommend to your friends.

Speaking about myself, I'm over 15 years in tourism, working in different countries like Turkey, Egypt, Maldives & Mauritius. 

For many years I had a big dream to develop tourism in Ukraine and finally this dream has come true with project Travel Ukraine. 

My professional mission is to develop the culture of travelling among Ukrainians and help Ukraine to become well known touristic destination worldwide.

Apart from this project, I have few other projects also connected to tourism - Travel Designer - tour operator specialized in Indian Ocean & Africa, NLM Signature Travel Collection - travel marketing & representation services for foreign DMC & Hotels in Ukraine. 

And of course this tour would not happen without Olesya Loubser whose in partnership with me for this tour.

Few worlds about Olesya:

Olesya Loubser was born and educated in Ukraine. In 2002 she moved to South Africa and lived there since.

There are 2 countries in her heart: Ukraine and South Africa and it is he life mission to bring those countries closer.

Olesya is a vice-president of Ukrainian Association of SA, Representative of Ukrainian Chamber and Industry and co-ordinator of Ukrainian global eco-project Greening of the Planet.

Olesya works towards showing South Africans the beauty of the Ukrainian culture and country.

This tour is a safe way to explore Ukraine, under supervision of tour leader, who will attend to all cultural, linguistic, logistic and other needs of the tourists.

Olesya's and mine contacts you will see below. 

Travel to Ukraine, 

Nadia Makarenko

Nadia Makarenko Labiche Travel Ukraine

Email: info@travelukraine2020.com

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Olesya Loubser Ukrainian Association in South Africa

Email: trade.d.international@gmail.com 

Mobile: +27 65 892 7224 (what's up)


We have put our love and knowledge to create this tour for you, and you won't find any similar product elsewhere.



Program includes  maximum services so you can totally enjoy your stay in Ukraine.



We stand for principles of clarity and integrity of what we do, and you always can address us in case of need.



This tour is made only for maximum of 20 people so everybody will get personal touch and care. We do hope you will feel this special ambience of friendship and loyalty. 




Located in Eastern Europe, it has boarders with Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania and has an access to 2 seas - the Sea of Asov & Black Sea.



In Mediaeval time Ukraine also supplied Europe with salt and other goods. Moreover Dnipro river served a commercial link from Baltic to Mediterranean countries.



Oleshkivky sands is a vast territory of semi-desert with unique flora & fauna. Ukraine is actually very rich in nature diversity, it has mountains, step (savanna like flat territories) fresh water rivers and sea, forests and hills, caves and cliffs, waterfalls and mineral waters, lakes & swamps.



One of the oldest Universities in Ukraine & in Europe - Ostrozka Academy was founded in 1576. Right now Ukraine has over 150 universities for students all over the world.



Almost 79 years before the famous US Constitution made in 1789.



Ukrainians are very creative nation due to its ancient history and deep cultural background have great variety of different arts & crafts some of them are quiet unique like pysankarstvo or Petrikivka paintings.

 Famous Ukrainians from past and present

Do you know them? Here are few who made great impact on our lives in the past or known in present days.

By the way, David Copperfield, Sylvester Stallone, Dustin Hoffman & Steven Spielberg have close relatives from Ukraine.


creator of world famous Christmas song Carol of Bells


First satellite & first human in space was arranged by him


creator of first helicopters


"5th element" of Hollywood (actress, model, and singer)


Most known Ukrainian football player


Ukrainian Bond girl (actress & model) 

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